Wolves football star and keen carp angler Jamie O'Hara (left) and Korda carp ace Ali Hamidi are backing Cast For Life, and are seen here with carp caught at the launch, at Manor Farm, Beds.

ANGLER’S MAIL (as shown in our September 13 magazine) are helping promote the new charity scheme called Cast For Life.

Korda stars have been signing up to Cast For Life

Here we have some bonus photos from the launch and explain how YOU can get involved.

There are two ways to support Cast For Life and raise cash for Cancer Research UK – with the chance to win some great Korda and GURU tackle along the way!

Your gateway to taking part is Cancer Research UK’s website www.cancerresearchuk.org

For an even faster route to the angling pages click this link >> http://myprojects.cancerresearchuk.org/cast-for-life

Here you can choose from two options:

* Hold a tournament

* Sponsored catch

‘Sponsored catch, or Match The Catch as we call it, simply means any angler can register on the website then upload a photo of a good catch they’ve had. It could be anything from a 2 lb roach or a 3 lb bream through to a big carp of catfish. We will match the catch’s weight in pounds with cash pounds,’ explained Ali Hamidi.

‘Holding a tournament is something we hope lots of anglers and fisheries do on a local level. It could be something like we’ve done here today, or more likely an individual match. We provide tackle prizes for the top three as an incentive,’ he added.

* Updates and links on Cast For Life should also appear soon on the website www.korda.co.uk

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EastEnders TV star Scott Maslen (right) is another keen celeb backing Cast For Life. He's fishing here with Korda ace Adam Penning.

Korda's Tom Dove (left) was the main action man at the Cast For Life launch.