Mr Crabtree and Peter – as they were. A new TV series will go in their footsteps…

ANGLER’S MAIL MAGAZINE is charting the progress of the filming of In The Footsteps of Mr Crabtree, a new TV series featuring our weekly columnist John Bailey. 

The October 16, 2012 cover-dated issue of Angler’s Mail magazine sees him fish with two lucky girls – barbel fishing on the River Wye. It brought a successful series of shoots to a fine conclusion.

We have some bonus pictures below, where you can see Scotttish lasses, Janie and Clara, had a great time . We hope to bring you a video taster soon too!

The account by John in our magazine makes for a great read – and you’ll see what they caught.


The series filming has now been completed and it’s shaping into a fine tribute to those classic famous Daily Mirror cartoons. Angler’s Mail thanks Toast Entertainment Group for their help.


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