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PHIL SAINTY was ‘buzzing’ after setting a new PB with this 41 lb 4 oz mirror from Lincolnshire’s day ticket Old Mill.

Hull, East Yorkshire-based Phil offered Sticky Baits Manilla boilies on a hard spot.

Phil said: “I was really looking forward to getting down to the lake to try and get myself a fish but this trip couldn’t have gone any better with me going on the land a new PB, and in the winter too.”

LOGAN EASTON scored big during an eight-hour session at a local club lake when he winkled out this 36 lb 10 oz common.

Colchester, Essex-based Logan, 27, fished Sticky Baits Krill and Manila boilies over eight Spombs of crumbed freebies at 17 wraps.

IAN FISHER watched a 60-acre Buckinghamshire pit like a hawk during a two-night trip, and when one carp finally showed he targeted that spot to connect with this 31 lb common.

The 46-year-old from Biggelswade, Bedfordshire, used a CC Moore Pacific Tuna wafter and added three other fish.

ROBBIE BRIERS used the tactic of a bright fruity pop-up over washed out Sticky Baits Manilla freebies and it tempted this 35 lb 14 oz mirror from Linch Hill’s Christchurch Lake in Oxfordshire.

Chadderton, Greater Manchester-based Robbie said: “I always get out on Boxing Day regardless of the weather and it wasn’t good – but I had to go, knowing the place’s form in winter.”

JASON MASSAY started the New Year with this 20 lb common from his local Cardiff Wharf.

The 46-year-old added a common of the same size plus an upper double-figure mirror using a Nash snowman of a 15 mm Key Cray and 10 mm Citruz pop-up.

BIG CARP ACE Rob Tough enjoyed a late Christmas present when he matted this 37 lb 2 oz mirror from Darenth on Boxing Day. The local Dartford, Kent-based ace used a Mainline Baits test boilie.



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