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john cooper and James Dawson 35lb 8oz

WELSH wonder water White Springs is in fine form and produced this rare double catch to John Cooper and James Dawson.

The pair finished second in a Welsh Carp Championship qualifier on the Specimen Lake but the highlight of the match was when the local pair both were playing specimens of exactly the same weight from peg 7.

They were just pipped to first place by a tiny 6 oz as John Flewin and Ethan Thomas weighing 178 lb 14 oz on pegs 9A and 10 with ten fish to 27 lb.

In total 40 fish were caught including ten 20 lb-plus carp and three 30-pounders and no team blanked.

Cory Conroy

CORY CONNOR couldn’t have wished for a better trip to a local Wiltshire pit as he topped a four-fish haul with this 38 lb 6 oz common. The 26-year-old Salisbury-based carpet fitter added three 20s in 24 hours fishing at 15 wraps with Sticky Baits 12 mm pop-ups over 2 kg of scattered Manilla.

Aaron Byrne

AARON BYRNE is well into his ‘urban carping’ and travelled from the second city of Birmingham to London to catch this pretty fully-scaled mirror. The 22-year-old fished Shadwell Basin near Wapping, in the docklands, using a Sticky Baits pink pop-up over BB1 freebies. Aaron said: “After two nights on the urban adventure this was not the biggest of four fish but certainly the most beautiful.”

Roberto Catania

MYTHS POOL in Essex lived up to its name when Roberto Catania smashed his PB twice topped by this 40 lb 8 oz mirror called Flower. The 39-year-old audio visual support specialist from Bedford used a single white Sticky Baits Krill boilie at 20 yards out and he had a 24 lb mirror earlier in the week.

Dave Alford

DAVE ALFORD obliterated his old 13 lb PB carp with this 35 lb 8 oz mirror from top Kent day ticket venue Cottington Lakes. The 43–year-old civil servant from Crayford, South East London, offered a Solar Baits Chilli Club boilie with white plastic corn in a PVA mesh bag, filled with crushed boilie, halibut pellet and baby corn pellet from Decathlon 2 ft away from reeds.

kevin peters

KEVIN PETERS was on a five-hour barbel session on his local River Thames near Chertsey in Surrey when he matted this surprise 26 lb 4 oz mirror then added another of 24 lb 13 oz! He tamed the fish on 1.5 lb barbel rods with a 10 lb trace and a size 10 hook after they picked up a single 15 mm boilie. A fine river fish in our Big Carp Gallery.

Lee Graves

A HUGE electrical storm sparked carp into feeding for Lee Graves who had a blank night but then went on to nab commons of 37 lb 2 oz and 36 lb plus five mirrors to 28 lb 12 oz. Sales manager Lee, 40, from Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire, fished Quarry Lake near Chelmsford in Essex with a Sticky Baits Manilla 16 mm pop-up over glugged freebies and matching pellets.

Tom Rossiter

TOM ROSSITER found West Stow Country Park in Suffolk busy but he still had a great trip and included this 41 lb 2 oz beauty in a good catch that included another of 41 lb 8 oz. The 23-year-old from nearby Stowmarket added six others to 32 lb 2 oz in 40 hours on Sticky Baits Krill boilies fished at 60 yards, 15 ft off an island.

William Springer

BUILDER William Springer tackled his local Swan Valley in Camberley, Surrey, for this 36 lb 12 oz warrior-like mirror. The 35-year-old added a 35 lb 14 oz common plus two doubles in 72 hours using Sticky Baits Krill boilies at 20 yards to a silt patch next to a weedbed.

Nathan burrows

NATHAN BURROWS had struggled for four days at Erics Angling’s day ticket Willows in West Yorkshire but kept changing tactics and was rewarded with this 37 lb mirror as he was packing up. The 40-year-old roofer from Wigan, Lancashire, used a white single Sticky Baits Krill pop-up cast to showing fish at 110 yards. He gets into our Angler’s Mail Big Carp Gallery.

Joe Wilson

CHECK out this dark 30 lb 8 oz mirror to Joe Wilson from a local park lake. The 30-year-old national accounts supervisor from Hyde, Greater Manchester, added three low 20s and two doubles in two nights using a Sticky Baits Manilla wafter. He wisely reported his catch to Angler’s Mail!

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