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JOHN MILKINS target this year was to catch a 20 lb carp but absolutely smashed his old PB of 17 lb 3 oz with this 37 lb 13 oz beauty called the Joker from a difficult north Somerset lake. Centre manager John, 66, from Bristol, fished just 2 ft out on the surface with an Enterprise Tackle artificial dog biscuit with 12 lb Fox Surface Floater line and size 12 barbless Korda Kaptor hook.


BRICKLAYER Gary Broadhurst nabbed two of only three 30s in a local 25-acre pit and was chuffed with this 38 lb 12 oz mirror plus common of 36 lb 2 oz. The 27-year-old from Tamworth, Staffordshire, used Sticky Bait Krill boilies with helicopter rigs with stiff hinges in the 15-hour session.


ANTONY MARRS couldn’t have wished for a better looking mirror than this 28 lb 4 oz sample from a local water. The busy 38-year-old electrical engineer from Strood, Kent, fished a margin spot with Sticky Baits Manilla and Vortex mix on his first trip for a few weeks as a new south-westerly wind had got up and he knew it was ideal conditions.


WELDER Simon Kenny fished a new spot at the Essex Manor and was rewarded with a three-carp catch topped by The Anchor at 40 lb 3 oz. Diss, Norfolk-based Simon, 32, added others of 27 lb 4 oz and 31 lb 10 oz fishing 40 yards to reeds with Sticky Baits Krill freezer baits.


NATHAN BURROWS made the most of his first trip for a month with this 39 lb common from Erics Angling’s Willows Lake in West Yorkshire. Wigan, Lancashire-based Nathan fished 80 yards to a clear patch in weed Sticky Baits Krill boilies.


JAMES WINTERS fished an overnighter with five-year-old daughter Hattie and she brought him the best luck possible with this 41 lb 8 oz common. He visited his local Carp Society-run Farriers Lake in Gloucestershire with half a kilo per rod of 16 mm Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.


CHRIS HOLLAND matted the largest carp in his 25-acre Shropshire syndicate with this 43 lb 9 oz mirror, his 42nd over 30 lb. Lancashire-based Chris, 26, who works at Leigh Tackle And Bait, used Sticky Baits Manilla boilies at over 130 yards.


MARK WOZENCROFT had an amazing session at the Carp Society’s Farriers Lake in Gloucestershire with nine carp topped by this 44 lb 8 oz common plus another of 40 lb 6 oz. The steel worker, from Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan, fished Sticky Baits boilies.


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