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TOP carper Dan Taylor tackled a secret local water for its resident monster common and banked her a little down in weight at a still impressive 47 lb 12 oz. Ashford, Kent-based Dan fished just 1 ft from the near bank using double 15 mm Nash Key boilies.


GREG WILDON had seen carp tight to an island at Elphicks Fishery in Kent so got his Dynamite 
Spicy Crab and Garlic boilie just 2 ft from it to tempt this 39 lb 6 oz mirror. Great Horkesley,
, based Greg added commons of 26 lb 4 oz and 12 lb 8 oz and a catfish of 11 lb.


ADAM ALDRED used just a plain hair rig combined with a Nash Key boilies to fool this 37 lb common carp from Bluebell Lakes in Northamptonshire. Peterborough, Cambridgeshire-based Adam, a 43-year-old plasterer, fished Sandmartin Lake.


HYBRID TACKLE consultant Robert Boswell, owner of Lakelife Baits, used one of his own boilies to tempt this 43 lb mirror from a local water. Faversham, Kent-based Robert used a size 6 Armohawk hook and 8 inches of Conda coated braid.


JOSH JONES has been prebaiting a local canal and it meant he tempted this 18 lb 8 oz koi plus a 20 lb 4 oz mirror in just a short trip. Berkshire-based Josh used CC Moore Pacific Tuna boilies on a hinged stiff rig.


WILLIAM SPRINGER can only do a five-night session once a year but put his holiday to good use by matting this 40 lb 4 oz mirror called the Snow Fish from his local Swan Valley. Camberley, Surrey-based William, a 35-year-old ground worker, added others of 36 lb 12 oz, 27 lb and 26 lb 10 oz using a Sticky Baits Krill pop-up over matching freezer freebies.


WILL BURROWS targeted the historical Yateley Match Lake on the Surrey-Hampshire border and was chuffed with this old 34 lb 12 oz mirror. Will pinpointed a silty channel inbetween weed beds at 50 yards where he offered balanced bottom baits of CC Moore Odyssey XXX.


WELDER Simon Kenny is in good form at the Essex Manor and nabbed this 38 lb 8 oz beast on his latest trip. The 32-year-old from Diss, Norfolk, offered Sticky Baits Krill freezer baits at 40 yards to a reed bed over 50 freebies.



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