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Les Marsh

DEEPINGS ONE in Lincolnshire produced four fish over two nights for Guisborough, North Yorkshire-based Les Marsh, but the icing on the cake was this 43 lb 4 oz mirror called the Fat Italian.

Les added an 18 lb zip linear, a 32 lb leather, and a 34 lb 4 oz mirror.

Les said: “The first night I was tortured by tufties diving on my baits, and I even considered going home until my middle rod ripped off. This turned out to be the 34 lb 4 oz mirror and the others soon followed.”

The fish were attracted to over a kilo of JH Baits KLF and Nutti B boilies and a kilo of Hooked on Baits Blitz Mix. Les’s end tackle used was a line aligned bottom bait rig comprising 10 in. of Hybrid Konda and a Hybrid Armohawk wide gape size 6 hook.

Scott Phillips

SCOTT PHILLIPS had a large slice of luck when the hook straightened as this stunning 42 lb 2 oz mirror slid into the net.

The 38-year-old purchasing manager from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire was fishing the 35-yard far margin of Linear Fisheries’ Oxlease Lake, using a Sticky Baits Krill Wafter with yellow foam over 2 kg of hemp, maize, corn and boilies.

His hair-rigged boilie was held with silicone to the shank of a Korda Krank size 4 hook.

Scott added mirrors of 24 lb 8 oz and 17 lb 4 oz, plus a common of 23 lb 12 oz in 24 hours at the Oxfordshire fishery.

Simon Cowdrey

A SIX-YEAR hunt at Reading FC’s Tapperns Lake in Theale finally paid dividends for Simon Cowdrey when he landed this beautiful fully-scaled mirror carp weighing in at 32 lb 2 oz.

The lake record fish was last caught in 2012 at 29 lb 10 oz and came to the first cast of the day for Simon, who was field-testing a new bait for Fishitbaits.

Two weeks previously the 38-year-old, from nearby Reading in Berkshire, also had a mirror at 27 lb 10 oz, which was an unknown fish for the venue.

John flewin

FISHING a gravel bar to the left of the margins lured ‘Hobnob’, at 37 lb 2 oz the biggest common in the lake at White Springs, South Wales for 32-year-old John Flewin, owner of Tales Angling Media.

He baited heavily with CR1 bottom baits, and fished a CR1 Wafter on a Fluro D-rig with a pellet bag sprayed with Stinky Stuff and dipped in Flatspot.

Steve Whitehead

STEVE WHITEHEAD lost a big specimen due to heavy weed at Linear Fisheries’ Oxleaze Lake in Oxfordshire but the next day landed a new PB carp of 36 lb 9 oz after a 25-minute battle.

A Sticky Baits Manila boilie on a size 6 Choddy on a flip rig fished over a lightly baited area tempted the specimen.

The 48-year-old aerospace engineer, from Bristol, caught a PB 40 lb 8 oz pike from local Chew Valley Lake last winter.

Tom Loraine

TOM LORAINE landed the fish known as Red Scale weighing in at 42 lb 4 oz from a Lee Valley Pit in a 24-hour session.

The 32-year-old from St. Albans, Hertfordshire explained: “The lake was very busy and even for a 60-acre pit I felt a little hemmed in!

“After a losing a very powerful fish the night before I went back into my pre-baited area at 100 yards on a firm silt spot and managed this one in the morning.”

His big one came to a Sticky Baits Manila boilie on a size 4 Korda Choddy, over 5 kg of Manila boilies (whole and chops) all glugged in hemp oil, in conjunction with a hinged stiff rig.

Darren Norman

TWO nights on a local syndicate lake resulted in this lovely mirror for Daren Norman of Rochester, Kent.

The delighted 43-year-old said: “I lost a chunk that straightened my hook after 40 minutes in heavy weed. My sulking stopped when, following a mental hour and half fight, I finally landed one of the jewels of the lake at a very healthy, spawned out 42 lb 1 oz.”

The papermaker baited a 4 ft bar at 50 yds with 50 Sticky Baits Krill freebies, using a Krill boilie on a size 5 stiff rigger hook, on a stiff hinged rig with an ESP tungsten hooklink and 15 lb Syncro XT line.

Tony Gibson

THIS 43 lb 2 oz stunner from Swan Lake on the Bluebell complex near Peterborough is known as ‘The Perfect Common’… and it lives up to its name.

It was the only fish of a three-nighter for 52-year-old Tony Gibson from Northampton, who switched from a zig for a single bait on a firm area at 75 yards.

The bait was a new currently nameless boilie coming soon from Dynamite, fished without any free offerings; a tactic rarely used on this popular day ticket fishery. The semi-retired consultant IT project/programme manager presented the boilie on Size 8 Nash Twister fished blowback style.

Gavin Cambell

GAVIN CAMPBELL from Addlestone, Surrey landed the first 40 from a local lake where he had learned his carping. The superb 41 lb 7 oz mirror came with a 22 lb common in a two-hour session when he also found time to help his mate catch a PB 33 lb mirror!

Gavin explained: “After helping my mate I was just saying ‘let’s go celebrate’ when I spotted the fish cruise over one of the margin spots I had baited, so I quickly tied up and lowered a rig in.

“I then sat and watched as the fish I’ve seen growing for the last five years fed up the margin shelf.

“It’s always nice to catch a big carp but to catch one from a venue you cut your teeth on is amazing.

“She was my 13th thirty plus carp from the lake since learning to fish on there.”

The 25-year-old security engineer baited up with Krill crumb and hemp and used a chopped down Krill wafter on a size 6 Drennan barbel hook, 4 in. Tungskin hook link to a 5 oz flat pear lead and 3 ft of TA leadcore.

Nathan Betts

THE first half of a six-day session produced the first English 30 for harbour master Nathan Betts, plus a PB common and his biggest surface-caught fish.

The 41-year old was at local Taswood Lakes near Norwich, Norfolk, and notched up a 33 lb 10 oz ghostie, plus a 29 lb 11 oz common, a 26 lb 8 oz grass carp, and two more double-figure commons.

The ghost carp took a Vortex bottom bait, tipped with fake corn, over a kilo of pellets and 15 boilies scattered around. The rest took a trimmed down Vortex pop-up on the surface.

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