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JOE LONGMAN had this stunning heavily-scaled mirror of 32 lb 4 oz in a fine winter haul of carp.

The 25-year-old tackled Lake Christine on Kent’s Cottington Lake and added other mirrors of 33 lb and 31 lb 2 oz plus four 20s and six doubles in a 48-hour stint.

Joe fished 20-30 yards to a bay against an island and to a marginal reedline feeding 30 Sticky Baits Krill boilies per fish.

Harlow, Essex-based Joe said: “Ten fish all came to a rod fished about 30 yards to a bay inbetween two islands. In the day I was fishing tighter to the island to get a bite and on the last day I landed six from fishing a foot or so from the island locked up.”

THE tiny day ticket Coppermill Stream on North East London’s Walthamstow complex produced this fine 22 lb 4 oz near-leather for gardener Stewart Harvey.

Edmonton-based Stewart, 52, used a Sticky Baits Krill pop-up.

Stewart said: “Others tell me there is a common in the stream that is touching 30, but I was overjoyed with this from such a small stream.”

THIS fine linear called The Don might have passed the magical 40 lb barrier for the first time ever when Steve Stephenson caught it at 40 lb 8 oz.

Steve offered Mainline Essential Cell boilies over a lightly baited area.

ANT MUSSON couldn’t have been happier to nab this superb 37 lb 14 oz common from Manton New Lake in Lincolnshire.

Cottingham. East Yorkshire-based Ant used a Sticky Baits Manilla boilie at long range.

COLIN DELAHAYE had been baiting the River Thames for a few weeks with up to 10 kg of Sticky Baits Manilla boilies per week and the effort paid off as had this common of 20 lb 2 oz plus a mirror of exactly the same weight.

Selsey, The 37-year-old gas engineer, from West Sussex, was on an overnighter and fished a 20mm Manilla topped with fake tiger nut at 75 yards.

JEFF SMITH thought his Norfolk syndicate would be tough as a carp hadn’t been caught for almost a month but he winkled out this 32 lb 14 oz mirror plus a 1 lb 9 oz roach.

Dereham-based Jeff, 46, used a solid PVA bag filled with Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.


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