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Gary Jones

GARY JONES had a top trip to tough Burghfield in Berkshire when he nabbed two sought after 40s – this 40 lb 10 oz mirror plus a 42 lb 4 oz common.

The 34-year-old Derby used ready-made 16 mm Sticky Baits Krill boilies on a gravel strip at 70 yards in the five night stint.

Plasterer Gary said: “The power of these big pit carp is unreal, I gain a yard or two and the fish would go on a mad 30 yard run the fight was like that from start to finish before.

“I was chuffed with the mirror and big old looking common looked awesome. Again a rare fish I never knew was in Burghfield,” he added.

Dean MortonDEAN MORTON set a new UK PB with this 42 lb 8 oz mirror during a 48 hour trip to a syndicate water. County Durham-based Dean added a 26 lb 6 oz sample at Solar Tackle’s Chilli Club boilies soaked in Marine 17 liquid on a plateaux 12 ft deep at 100 yards.

antony marrs

ANTONY MARRS continuously spooned bait onto a margin spot gaining the fish’s confidence before lowering his rig in and tactic paid off with this lake record 45 lb 3 oz specimen. Strood, Kent-based Antony, a 38-year-old electrical engineer was on an overnighter when the fish picked up his snowman rig and straight after he packed up and went home.

Adam Newcombe

ADAM NEWCOMBE was chuffed with this warrior-like 37 lb mirror he caught from Suffolk Water Park to set a new PB. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk-based Adam, 30, a handyman, fished 70 yards to a far margin with a Sticky Baits Manilla wafter.

Steven Bell

STEVEN BELL baited with 5 kg of pellet at Fryerning Fisheries Main Lake and then offered a Mainline Cell boilie over the top to tempt this sought-after 39 lb mirror that rarely gets caught. The 78-year-old retired floor layer from nearby Shoeburyness, Essex, tamed the fish using 12 lb line.

Baz Lloyd

BAZ LLOYD arrived at his syndicate to find the fish spawning so moved to day ticket Christchurch on the Linch Hill complex in Oxfordshire where the fish were OK and he went onto nab this 39 lb 10 oz common. Fishing a weedy peg ten, Baz fished naked chods with Sticky Bait Krill pop-up over a scattering of bait.

Duncan Arrandale

DUNCAN ARRANDALE had a weekend on the Carp Society Farriers Lakes and made full use of his time by matting this 37 lb 12 oz common plus five others. Evesham, Worcestershire-based Duncan, 42, offered Richworth S-Core boilies in a small clearing amongst weed at 50 yards.

Martin Smith

MARTIN SMITH targeted a hole in the weed fairly close in on a Nene Valley syndicate and the area produced this 44 lb 12 oz common. Bedfordshire-based Martin used a couple of kilos of 20 mm Denham Baits The Element boilies as freebies and a 16 mm pop-up over the top to tempt the biggest carp in the lake nicknamed Tyson.

Craig Mortimer

CRAIG MORTIMER watched his swim for hours at Norfolk’s Nunnery D Lake before actually fishing and saw a big carp patrol route next to an island so he fished up to overhanging bushes to tempt this 36 lb 4 oz mirror. Ipswich, Suffolk-based Craig, 30, an IT consultant, added a 34 lb 8 oz sample in the 12 hour session using Sticky Bait Manilla boilies.

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