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SIMON KENNY continued his good form on the Essex Manor with one of the best looking big carp in the lake with Cluster at 39 lb 6 oz.

Diss, Norfolk-based Simon, 32, offered a Sticky Baits Signature pop-up over Krill boilies at 20 yards on a clay patch.

The welder said: “I just had the one fish in 48 hours but it is a very beautiful carp.”


KEVIN HOSIE nabbed his first ever 40-pounder when he tempted this 45 lb 8 oz mirror from the day ticket Kracking Carp Lake at Anglers Paradise in Devon.

Kevin legered artificial sweetcorn.


FISH and chip shop manager Ian Davis fed 30 boilies every half an hour in his 48-hour trip at Fryerning Fisheries Main Lake in Essex and the little and often feed helped fool this mirror of 42 lb 6 oz.

The 26-year-old from Billericay offered Mainline Hybrid boilies which he added rock salt and sugar on hard spot in open water at 60 yards.


DANIEL ROWE had a great mixed session on a 36 hour session at Monk Lakes in Kent and he nabbed this 30 lb 3 oz mirror plus another of 23 lb 4 oz plus three catfish to 54 lb. Daniel offered a tuna boilie.


PAUL COOPER baited a spot at 120 yards in open water with 5 kg of Sticky Bait Krill boilies and the same amount of pellets in a two night trip and it helped fool this 37 lb 6 oz mirror plus another of 33 lb 8 oz.

The North Hykeham, Lincoln-based plasterer, 47, tempted both big carp using a 15mm pop-up on a Ronnie rig.


MARK TUCKNOTT recorded the first 40 from CWA Fisheries Long Lake in Berkshire with this PB 41 lb 2 oz mirror.

Romford, East London-based Mark, 55, a facilities manager, had stalked fish in the margins for two days before he got his specimen on a Sticky Baits Manilla boilie.


SCOTT LARMAN fed lots of hemp, corn and 3 Kg of Sticky Baits Krill and Manilla boilies at local Elstow Pit One before fooling this autumnal 35 lb 12 oz mirror.

The 39-year-old security engineer from Luton, Bedfordshire, offered a matching pop-up at his spot at 52 yards.


LEE WHITFIELD had another fine result at Cornwall’s Argal Reservoir when he matted Black Scale at 30 lb 6 oz and added a 21 lb common and four high doubles.

The Westcountry Leads boss used 6 kilos of BlakesBaits snowberry boilies fished at 120 yards at the £7 a day South West Lakes Trust venue.


DAVE WILKERSON had a slow session at Farlows Lake in Buckinghamshire but returned and found some fish under a willow where he had this 32 lb 6 oz mirror plus another of 30 lb 9 oz.

High Wycombe-based Dave offered 15 mm CC Moore Pacific tuna corkballs soaked in tuna extract, L030 and rock salt on a stiff hinge rig over freebies plus hemp and pigeon conditioner.



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