Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products that caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Avid Day Session Kit ...

BEING an angler that likes to travel light, this box of tricks from Avid Carp really appealed.

It’s all you need to carry a two-rod set-up, travel light and stay on the fish. The Ruckbag offers loads of room for your kit.

The two large outer pockets compatible with Avid’s Tuned pouches bags, and tubs.

It’s made from tough 600 denier material, with fully padded walls and padded shoulder straps however the clever bit is that it comes with two attachment hooks that carry the Day Chair, also part of the kit.

The Ruckbag also comes with handy D Ring loops too for attaching an unhooking mat.

The Day Chair is exactly that – a lightweight 3 kg design based on an aluminium frame, it’s padded, with fold-up, locking legs.

And it’s plenty comfortable enough whilst you wait for those spools to spin!

Not to be forgotten, in the same box Avid added a Two Rod Sling that will take two made-up rods, with big pit reels. Even with 50 mm butt rings.

Fully padded and hardwearing, it’s a good priced package.

Price: £99.99.