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Team England deserves more support

FOLLOWING the recent success of Team England Angling’s under 18s and under 23s teams in France, England are now undisputed World Match fishing champions.  FIPSed, the world governing body for angling, last week issued new world rankings, based on competition results from the past 5 years, and England is number 1 in six of the ten categories and in the top three in three others.

This fantastic achievement by the teams is a credit to all the Team England anglers and to the many volunteers who support and manage them.  We are immensely grateful to the sponsors who support individual teams and we hope that this runaway success will attract additional financial support from companies who want to be associated with a winning team.

The Angling Trust has a new Talent Pathway programme to develop talented anglers which is already generating new Team England squad members whose job it will be to try and maintain this standard in the future.

Legends of international fishing for many years – Dick Clegg OBE, seen with Alan Scotthorne MBE during one of his amazing FIVE World Championship individual wins.

Dick Clegg OBE, our International Events Manager said that to achieve this standard across the board at an international level is proof that our team management systems are the best in the world and he congratulated every angler who has contributed to this success.

Dick feels that it’s time that our teams receive some government funding, but this is something the government has resisted for many years, and Sport England has made it clear that they will not fund the costs of travelling to compete.  Indeed, a number of the teams have got to number 1 without any form of funding or sponsorship whatsoever.  They have done so through the commitment of the individuals concerned supporting each other through fundraising activities and putting in their own money to pay their way.

It shouldn’t be like this.  We are trying to find more money to support Team England Angling in all disciplines: coarse, game and sea.  We’ve made a lot of progress modernising the governance structures supporting our national teams, and have got the three disciplines all working together much more closely.  We have also improved the publicity that the teams get when they are successful, and the appointment of our New Media Manager a couple of weeks ago will mean that we can up our game again on that.

Sponsors rarely provide funding purely for the love of the sport; they need to see their name in the media.  Angling is rarely televised at international level, and is not a very popular spectator sport, so we need to be clever about giving sponsors some bang for their buck.  Winning more funds for our teams is a top priority for the Angling Trust and if you or your company are interested in becoming one of our invaluable team sponsors please get in touch with me to discuss what we can do for you.

In the meantime though, we should celebrate a truly brilliant performance by our coarse teams, and thank all the anglers and the volunteers who support and manage them, for all the hard work they do to achieve these results.

The new FIPSed Rankings:

No.1 – and flying the flag for fishing at international events.

• Nations – No.1 (sponsored by Drennan)

• Under 23 – No.1 (sponsored by Drennan)

• Under 18 – No.1 (sponsored by Sensas)

• Euros – No.1 (sponsored by Drennan)

• Clubs – No.1

• Veterans – No.1

• Ladies – No.2

• Carp – No.3 (sponsored by Korda)

• Feeder – No.3 (After 2 years competing in this competition, sponsored by Preston Innovations)

• Disabled – no ranking (unable to fish every year due to lack of funding.)




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