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Angling Trust Chief Executive, Mark Lloyd, is taking a well-earned break this week. So while Mark is chasing trout in Scotland, this week’s blog comes from Stuart Sharp, Head of Finance and Business at the Angling Trust.

The Angling Trust protect the rights of all anglers to do what they love most. Lobbying Government, campaigning on environmental and angling issues plus running national and international competitions, you’ll find all of the Angling Trust’s main latest activity on their weekly blog, here on the Angler’s Mail website.

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The Angling Trust – the sport’s governing body – are anglers themselves and have jumped at the chance to be part of the wide mix of bloggers here on the Angler’s Mail website.


Going for gold… in our own angling style

FISHING may not be in the Olympics, but that has not stopped us getting in the action and taking our own piece of GOLD!

England’s young fly fishers put in a golden performance. Well done to all the squad – not forgetting the management and their supporters, family and friends. A proper team effort!

The Angling Trust England Youth Flyfishing team bagged gold in the annual Home International Youth Championship on Lough Owel, Ireland on 1st August.

In true Olympian style, this was the teams’ third win in four matches.  The team of 14 teenagers from across England, led by Kieran Bonas of Bedford, all caught fish and this was crucial to a very substantial win.

With 38 fish they were a full 10 fish ahead of the home Irish team. Scotland had 24 and Wales 12. Congratulations to the team.

With the Youth Fly-fishing Home International, Division 2 National, Veterans National and many of the Stillwater championship qualifiers behind us, we currently have the Team England veterans out in Portugal, the Division 1 National looming large next week and Team England Ladies due to head to the Netherlands shortly.

Our Marine Campaigns Manager, David Mitchell, has also been involved in the forthcoming Bexhill Sea Angling Festival, which is being organised by Rother District Council in partnership with the Angling Trust.

There’s no doubt that it’s going to be a fantastic celebration of all things sea angling with coaching, stalls, fish preparation and cooking demonstrations as well as five matches – boat specimen, kayak, bass specimen, beach specimen and open shore – taking place between September 15th and 23rd. For more information on the festival and how to enter the matches go to www.bexhillseaanglingfestival.com


Battling for anglers in battle against sewage – and the EA

Moving from those chasing gold to the strange green waters of Llanberis lake, or Llyn Padarn. This week the Environment Agency has turned on the anglers who have, over the past two decades, reported that sewage was destroying the pristine Snowdonian lake.

This latest twist in the long-running battle between the Agency and anglers, saw the Agency write to Fish Legal asking for its member club to supply catch returns so that the Agency could assess the impact of angling as an “economic activity” under the Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) (Wales) Regulations 2009. This is despite the Agency’s own reports which admit that treated and untreated sewage is the main cause of decline of the lake.

Justin Neal, Head Solicitor at Fish Legal said: “This is possibly the most cynical response I’ve had from the Agency in this case so far.

“The club has fought tirelessly for years to try and stop Welsh Water polluting the lake – even taking them to court in 1993 which, despite losing the case, resulted in phosphate stripping being introduced at the Llanberis treatment works.

“For the Agency to even consider that the club is in some way responsible for the decline in char numbers is absolutely absurd. The evidence that the sewage is damaging the lake and the char habitat is, on the other hand, clear and confirmed by Agency’s own reports.

“When the Agency is reluctant to act on patently obvious evidence and turns on the campaigners, one has to question the motives of the Agency. The Agency is also just plain wrong in suggesting that angling is causing damage to the environment. If that were so, what has the Agency as the fisheries regulator been doing for the last 20 years?

“The Agency needs to reconsider its whole approach to protecting the environment and do what is right – not what suits it politically or makes a bad situation look better for it and the water company”.


YOU can still get involved with our cormorant campaign!

And moving from green waters to the black plague, after launching the “Action on Cormorants” campaign last week, we are now distributing 80,000 postcards to 3,000 clubs, fisheries and tackle shops.

If you have not sent a card or written to your MP, I would urge you to do so. Unless we make our voices heard and numbers known, we cannot expect government to listen to us. If your local shop or club has not received or has run out of their postcards, ask them to contact us and will put some more in the post to them.


Tackling up for more funding to do even more for angling

This week’s Angling Trust blog was brought to you by Stuart Sharp, seen here with his 12 lb 5 oz Warwickshire Avon PB barbel.

My own week has seen the usual eclectic mix of working behind the scenes on the Trust’s corporate and commercial functions.

In addition to making sure the Trust is financially stable and members’ funds are spent appropriately and efficiently, this week I have been working on a number of new membership benefits (more detail in the coming weeks), meeting with the JobCentre to arrange a voluntary work experience placement for one of the many young unemployed and preparing for our annual business assurance review with Sport England.

Fishing may not be an Olympic sport, but that doesn’t stop us bidding for some of the funding. More funds mean more participation events, leading to more anglers and more business for the trade, clubs and fisheries. It also means more development programmes and a lasting legacy of golds for Team England!

Next week Mark Lloyd returns to the hot seat here on the new-look Angler’s Mail website, no doubt with tales of highland Trout. While I shall be trying to fit in a few barbel sessions on the Warwickshire Avon.


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