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The Angling Trust – the sport’s governing body – are anglers themselves and keen to share their news and views here on the Angler’s Mail website.



IT’S party conference season and the Angling Trust is holding fringe receptions at each of the main conferences, in conjunction with the British Association of Shooting and Conservation. 

Mark Owen represented us in Brighton at the Lib Dem Conference this week where he gave a short speech to senior Lib Dem MPs and shared a platform with David Heath, the new Minister of State at DEFRA. Mark spoke about the £3.5 billion annual value of angling to society, the importance of fishing to the economy of rural and coastal communities and the threats faced to angling from pollution, predation, over abstraction of rivers and poor fish stocks at sea. He was pleased by the commitment shown by the LibDems to angling in all its forms.

Mark Owen, representing the Angling Trust at the Lib Dem Conference in Brigton.

Over the next couple of weeks Martin Salter and myself are off to see both Labour and the Conservatives and I’ll let you know how we get on. As you can see the Angling Trust is seeking to work closely with all political parties on your behalf to protect and improve fish stocks in both the marine and freshwater environments.

Will Smith and ‘The Angle’ editor Ed Burgass with their catches.


Will and Ed time it right

Membership Manager Will Smith met up with the publisher of our magazine “The Angle” Ed Burgass, on the Teme in Shropshire. Will and Ed combined this opportunity to plan the Autumn/Winter edition due out in mid-November with a morning’s trout and grayling fishing.

On an clear and cold river Ed did well to rise a couple of lovely little wild brown trout to his small klinkhammers while Will landed several trout and grayling to just over 1lb float fishing with red maggots. Just 24 hours later, the spot where this photo (right) was taken was 2 metres under brown floodwater!

Helping pike fans build bridges with Eastern Europeans – but none of them joined us

Our Building Bridges project manager Rado Papiewski made the long haul from Kent to Yorkshire last Saturday for the Pike Anglers’ Club of Great Britain’s Annual Conference. This was a great chance to speak to predator anglers about his busy workload communicating to Eastern European anglers that killing large numbers of coarse fish for the pot damages fishing, is environmentally damaging and culturally unacceptable and why that is part of the reason we have set up a volunteer bailiff scheme and provide free multi-lingual posters and leaflets via our website and office.

It is often pike, eels and other predatory species that are taken and so it was particularly exasperating to hear that despite Rado giving up his weekend and generating a sizeable fuel bill, not a single angler out of the many hundreds that came to the conference signed up as a member of the Angling Trust for less than 50p a week.  Most left with bags full of expensive fishing tackle.  Read more about how your Angling Trust membership will support our work to counter fish theft through education on our website.
Join now at

England junior angler, Jack Hayes, wins the Bexhill Shore Match. Well done to Jack who caught a superb specimen golden grey mullet to win the match.

10,000 turnout at sea fishing festival!

Over 10,000 people attended the Bexhill Sea Angling Festival last Saturday, exceeding even the wildest imaginations of all of us who helped organise it. Fishing competitions, seafood cooking and preparation demonstrations as well as free coaching sessions and the SIMFISH fishing simulator all helped draw in anglers and non anglers alike.

Such was the success of Saturday that the storms on Sunday that put a premature end to the festivities were only a small blip in an otherwise fantastic event. Anglers have traditionally been very good at talking to each other about the benefits of angling.

Finally we have an event that looks outwards towards the general public who, in Bexhill on Sea at least, got a taste of the joys of sea angling and the benefits that it can offer the local economy and community. All this took place in a town where there was talk of banning angling just last year.  Many thanks and congratulations to local tackle shop owner Steve Hanks and Tim Macpherson who worked with the Trust’s David Mitchell to make this event such a huge success.  Here’s looking forward to next year already!

Total Sea Fishing editor, Barney Wright, working the Angling Trust stand at the Bexhill Sea Angling Festival. Thousands turned out to enjoy the day!



15,000 new anglers hooked!

Last Sunday Our Chairman Mike Heylin was at the National Fishing Month Jamboree, with Naidre Werner of the Angling Trade Association and Richard Wightman of the EA, to thank coaches and organisers for their efforts in introducing nearly 15,000 new anglers to fishing during NFM 2012.

He walked away with a gold medal for being one of the longest-serving NFM event organisers and seeing more than 750 people enjoy fishing at his club events.

Angling Trust Regional Officers Richard Hadley and James Roche were also at the event.  They, along with the other Regional Officers, play a key role in National Fishing Month through their County Angling Action Groups and local networks.


Keen volunteers become bailiffs

The last few days have seen John Cheyne our regions co-ordinator involved in a couple of great successes for the Trust. Last Saturday he was busy helping to organise the Induction Training for our latest batch of Volunteer Bailiff Scheme recruits.

The scheme, which is being run in association with the Environment Agency as a pilot in the South East, is really starting to work well and it was great to see another 14 enthusiastic volunteers signing up.

The training day was held at the superb new ‘Get Hooked On Fishing’ facility at Northolt in London and GHOF’s new CEO Sarah Collins was on hand to welcome the volunteers. If you live in the South East and are interested in getting involved with the scheme please just drop an email to

Northolt, London was the setting for the ‘Get Hooked On Fishing’ campaign.

Boosting River Severn fish stocks

Wednesday was the first of our new style Midlands Forums. With a new venue near Worcester the theme of the forum was “Steps to Increasing Fish Stocks in the Severn”. The meeting was a great success with a very healthy turnout of anglers including many who were attending a forum meeting for the first time.

The new themed approach allowed everyone involved to discuss the topic in depth and the meeting offered attendees the opportunity to get involved in various projects aimed at monitoring and improving fish stocks in Britians’ longest river. The next Midlands Forum meeting will move to the East Midlands and will concentrate on issues relating to the Trent, if you’d like further details please contact


On the competitive scene…

The Angling Trust’s England teams have been competing in the World Championships for Long Casting of Sea Weights in Greece this month.  The England ‘A’ Team claimed the silver medal position behind the winning team Italy, and in third place was Argentina, with the England ‘B’ Team finishing in 6th place.  Steve Lewis took the silver medal position in both the 125gm and 100gm classes, which was a fantastic result, and Alan Varley went on to claim the individual bronze on 150gm.  A full list of results is available on the Angling Trust website at

We wish the Angling Trust’s Korda Carp Team England the best of luck as they compete in the Carp World Championships in Romania right now, from 27th – 30th September.

Congratulations to Carl Barnfield, who won the Angling Trust & British Waterways Stillwater Championships held at Earlswood Lakes, Solihull on Saturday 22nd September with 50.320 kg to collect the winners cheque for over £2,000.
The second stage of the Angling Trust’s Talent Pathway in the Midlands started on 22nd September 2012 which took place at one of the homes for elite sport in the country, Loughborough University.  Young anglers who successfully made their way through the first stage of the pathway were invited along to move a step closer to fishing for England.

With the day being completely classroom based, the anglers were taken through a number of interactive workshops which looked at aspects such as the use of bloodworm and joker, setting up and fishing the waggler, effective pole rigs for international competition and a look at the FIPSed rules. Joe Roberts, Team England Under  18 Coach was there to and inspired the young hopefuls by showing them his recent Veterans World Championships Gold medal.

This was the first step of the second stage of the pathway as the selected anglers continue to work with our Talent Coaches as they help them to build on their natural talent and ability. The next step will be in October as the anglers work specifically on waggler fishing.

Many thanks to Leicestershire & Rutland Sport for their help in organising a venue and the volunteer coaches: Paul Brammer, assisted by Robbie Williams, David Smith & Neil Powell.

It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of England Youth Fly Fishing’s long serving President, Mike Childs. Mike has been actively involved with England Youth Fly-fishing for decades and will be sadly missed by so many people.   Mike’s funeral will be held on Tuesday 2nd October 2012 at 11.00am and will take place at St Francis RC Church, 110 Warwick Road, Kenilworth CV8 1HL. The service will be followed by cremation.

Mike’s family have stressed that all Mike’s fishing friends from over the years are very welcome.  Please send no flowers, but they have very kindly suggested that any donations can be made in his memory to England Youth Fly-fishing.  Any donations can be sent to The Treasurer, 23 Fines Road, Medomsley, Consett, Co Durham DH8 6QR (cheques made payable to Angling Trust).


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