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MARCH 15th is a gloomy day for many coarse anglers who love their river fishing.

They know that they are going to have to wait three months before they can get back out on the bank until the middle of June.

They will walk past their favourite bits of river, looking at them like a child looks at wrapped Christmas presents; so much potential excitement, just out of reach because of the close season.

There are many who call for the abolition of the close season so that if the river is fishable they could go fishing all year round.  There are others who think that it is good to give the fish a break and that being forced to take a break gives June 16th that special magic, like Christmas morning for a six year old.

Whatever anyone thinks about the law, the one thing that unites them all is that they don’t want to see other people flaunting it and fishing out of season.


Click here for more on this poster and to download it full size as a pdf via this Angler’s Mail website.

So, this week the Angling Trust has provided a poster (above) for people to put up near their waters to make it clear that any coarse fishing is illegal, and we’ve printed it in several languages for the benefit of anglers who don’t (or claim not to) have any English.

Radoslaw Papiewski

This was produced with help from Radoslaw Papiewski, our Building Bridges Manager who has been getting the message out to Eastern European anglers about the laws of angling in this country.

Of course, posters and articles are useful for those who simply don’t understand the rules, but we all know that there are plenty of people, from this country and others, who will break the law intentionally.   Tough enforcement, based on intelligence, is the only way forward to stop these poachers.

That’s why the Angling Trust has been working with the Environment Agency on a pilot project in the South East to support the small number of enforcement officers employed by the Agency with a volunteer bailiff service.

We’ve launched Operation Clampdown which involves volunteers identifying waters where people might be fishing out of season in the South East so that the Agency staff can focus their enforcement efforts on these rivers.

If this pilot project is successful, then we’re planning to roll it out across the country so that every river has a volunteer bailiff service.

This kind of approach is what the Angling Trust is all about.  We want to protect fish and fishing, and we want to do it by working in new and innovative ways with the growing number of fisheries, clubs and individual anglers who share our vision for a better future for the sport we all love.  Join in today to make this a reality.  It only costs 50p a week.



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