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Angling Trust chief executive Mark Lloyd brings you this week’s edition.

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Mark Lloyd

Mark Lloyd

I AM having a crazily busy week, with some urgent issues that have sprung up on top of the day job, so this week I’m going to cheat and post the Angling Trust & Fish Legal e-news that went out to members on Monday. 

Apologies to all those readers who are already members.  If you are not, here’s an insight into the news that you would receive every fortnight, along with two free magazines a year, free insurance, discounts at 50 fisheries and a host of other membership benefits.  Join at or see us at The Big One show this weekend.

All best wishes, Mark



We Need a Reality Check on Dredging’
 Says New National Report

Widespread dredging could make flooding in some communities worse in future – not better – according to a new report published by The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) and endorsed by the Blueprint for Water coalition of environmental NGOs which includes the Angling Trust.

Far from advocating dredging the report suggests that solely relying on dredging can make some downstream communities more vulnerable to flooding by moving water more quickly down the river catchments.

The full story appeared on the Angler’s Mail website HERE


Government Gives Go Ahead for New Cormorant Plan

Our three year campaign for a change to the licensing regime governing the control of cormorants and goosanders has concluded. Full details HERE.

We are very grateful to everybody who supported us with donations and by sending postcards to their MP. The success we’ve achieved would not have been possible without this support. New measures include funding of three Fisheries Management Advisors to be employed by the Angling Trust to reduce predation. Details of these jobs and how to apply can be found at


Untitled-2.170810“Seeing the Light”
Light Rock Fishing by David Mitchell

Light Rock Fishing or LRF is catching on as a great way to target the smaller but no less fun species of sea fish around our shores. It also opens up a world of easily accessible fishing with the minimum of tackle needed. Did we mention it’s also great fun! Our article by Angling Trust Marine Campaigns Manager David Mitchell about how to get started, is a great source of info for anyone starting LRF or junior anglers. Please forward this email to a friend so they can find out more and encourage them to join the Angling Trust – thanks.

Read “Seeing the Light”


wade2.155333Come and See Angling Trust Ambassador
Jeremy Wade at Carpin’ On 2014

The on-stage entertainments at the Carpin’ On show are well known to be second to none and this year the star guest is Angling Trust Ambassador and River Monsters TV angling star Jeremy Wade who will feature on the main stage on Saturday 15th of March. There’s a great deal on show entry for Angling Trust members – see details below…


Claimed Public Rights of Navigation (PRN)
Over Angling Club Waters

Many angling clubs and riparian owners receive assertions from would-be navigators (usually canoeists) of a general right to navigate over non-tidal waters in England and Wales. These alleged rights are often referred to as Public Rights of Navigation (PRN). Sometimes these assertions include the service of a so-called ‘common law notice’ by Mr Andrew (Andy) Biddulph which claims to oblige the recipient of the notice to state why PRN have been extinguished.

Although there is no legal or other obligation to respond to these notices, it may be desirable to do so – if only to stop Mr Biddulph proclaiming some victory which he claims to have achieved because his (meaningless) notice is ignored.

Read more about how Fish Legal can help its member clubs on this matter


Check Your Flies…

186.100008Have you noticed a decline in fly life on your fishery? Do you need some expert help to find out what is wrong?

Dr. Nick Everall, fisheries consultant and founder of Aquascience Consultancy, has developed cutting-edge biometric fingerprinting techniques which can be used by fishery owners and clubs to identify ongoing and/or previously undetected ecological problems – which the Environment Agency or NRW may be unable or unwilling to investigate. Alternatively, the techniques can also be used to record a ‘snapshot’ of the health of your river or stillwater to provide valuable evidence in case a pollution occurs in the future.

Find out how to contact Dr. Nick for an informal chat


Be Prepared…

Administration can be a chore but it is vital that clubs, riparians and fishery owners keep up-to-date records in case the unthinkable happens: devastating pollution wiping out your fishery. Unfortunately, in Fish Legal’s long experience of running such cases this can happen to anyone, and does happen all too frequently.

Fish Legal has a factsheet which includes a checklist of the routine information its members should be collecting to make sure they can show how their fishing has been affected by an incident.

Find out how to get the factsheet


Members Get Half Price Entry to Carpin’ On 2014!

The esteemed Carpin’ On show, now in its 13th year, is proud to announce that TV’s Jeremy Wade will be joining the event on Saturday 15th March. Tickets are £10 on the door but if you book a full price ticket in advance you get £10 worth of Seafood Take-Away bait from Solar Tackle on arrival at the show; however, show organisers CCL have agreed to offer Angling Trust members half price entrance if you pay on the door. Just take the voucher along and present it on arrival along with your Angling Trust Membership Card for your half-price entry. For more information about the event

>Download the Voucher


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