Mark Lloyd blogs for the Angling Trust, and he loves to fish when he can. This brace of bass was a fine recent catch.

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WE MADE our final presentation to Sport England this week in our bid for funding for the next four years. It went very well and we were complimented on the quality of the presentation and felt that we answered the panel’s questions well.

We’re hoping to secure more than £2 million for the next four years for angling development. We’ll find out in December how we got on, competing with 46 other sports.

Our Campaigns Chief Martin Salter has been busy building the case for sea angling to be a permitted activity within the majority of the new Marine Conservation Zones.

This has not always been the situation in marine parks in other parts of the world and the Angling Trust is determined that anglers are not unjustifiably locked out of fishing grounds.

Dwindling fish stocks are not down to recreational fishing but to commercial over exploitation. In fact having sea anglers in the new MCZs would provide a useful set of eyes and ears against infringement by others.

Mark Brewster – 2012 Coach of the Year runner-up

Angling coach Mark Brewster became runner-up in this year’s Suffolk Sports Awards for Coach of the Year. Over 325 guests attended the glittering awards ceremony, including many successful Olympians and Paralympians.

It has been another very successful year for Mark; not only has he introduced over 200 people into the sport, but the junior match team he helps run, Suffolk County, has completed a virtual clean sweep of available trophies this year.

This is the second year running Mark has made the shortlist and reading out the citation at the award ceremony, host James Hazell of Radio Suffolk, said, “Every sport, not just angling, could do with a few more Mark Brewsters.” Praise indeed and a massive achievement for angling in this Olympic year.




 Regional meetings spotlight poaching – and an arrest is made!

It was a great week last week for our regional forums with two key meetings being held. First was our South West Forum & AGM held in Taunton. Our long standing Secretary, Roy Retallick, stepped down and was replaced by Malcolm Bond, who we are very pleased to welcome to the team. Roy was presented with an engraved centrepin reel as a mark of thanks for his exceptional contribution to angling over many years of hard work.

The Forum meeting itself was the first we have run under our new “Key Topic” format and it was a great success. There was a fantastic turnout from anglers and clubs and some fascinating speakers discussing the problems of illegal fishing and poaching. Full meeting notes and details of the next meeting will be available on the SW Region page on our website very soon.

We are busy merging our Forum with the Environment Agency’s own forum in the North East and on Wednesday we had a full meeting in Darlington that concentrated on issues relating to the Tees Catchment.

Again bailiffing issues were a key topic, and our Regions Co-ordinator John Cheyne spent the afternoon before the meeting with an EA enforcement team on an operation to catch salmon poachers operating near the Tees Barrage to see their work for himself.

The EA team and the police made a successful arrest after many hours of surveillance work whilst John was there.

There was more good news about the Barrage at the meeting as the EA monitoring team have seen a significant increase in the numbers of salmon and sea trout that successfully negotiated the Barrage on their way upstream during the summer.

Improvement to the fish passes and the fixing of one of the barrage gates is evidently having a very positive effect on the passage of migratory fish, after years of pressure from the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.

Full notes from the meeting will be available on the AT website in the next week or so.


On the competitions scene

The FIPS-M World Shore Championships took place at Walcheren, Netherlands from 14th – 19th October 2012. The Mens and Ladies teams just missed out on podium finishes with both teams finishing in fourth place, but what a fantastic performance from Richard Yates of the England Men’s team finishing in third place to bring home the bronze medal, and Janet Verlinde, England Ladies team taking the silver medal position. Full results are available here.

England convincingly won the Bank International at Garnffrwd fishery in South Wales last week by a record margin with a tremendously consistent team performance over two sessions. The team consisted of Simon Robinson as captain with team members Terry Phillips, Dean Appleby, Phil Dixon, Jim Tuck and Mark Harrison, with Andy Taylor as reserve and Alan Jenkins as team manager. Many congratulations to them all.


And finally…. a nice big fish to round off with!

Nick Simmonds from the membership department thought that Wednesday’s weather conditions were just too good to be at work – even if work is at the Angling Trust! So he took the day off and headed for the Wye at Ross-on-Wye. The decision paid off as Nick caught ten barbel, including his first Wye double at 10lb 1oz, backed up with a 9:12 and a couple of 8s among the other fish. Well done Nick!

Nick with his big Wye barbel. He used feeder tactics and alternated pellets and boilie paste on the hook. Angler’s Mail magazine is to reveal all about tactics that work on this river for barbel – and probably work elsewhere too!


That’s it for another week, I hope you get out fishing this weekend. Remember, it’s only 50p a week to support the Angling Trust – standing up for anglers.


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