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WANT A GREAT DEAL? I’ll start this week’s round-up on the lively Angler’s Mail website with something very tempting indeed.

Our Membership Manager Will Smith announced a new package of benefits for individual members, which includes 10% off day tickets at more than 50 coarse and game fisheries – and 15% off all purchases at Cotswold Outdoor.

This just shows that it pays more than ever to be a member of the Angling Trust and that while all anglers should join the Angling Trust because their subscriptions support our campaigns to protect fish stocks from pollution, over-abstraction and predation and Fish Legal’s work to take polluters to court, we hope that extra enticements like these will attract more members so that we can have the funds we need to do even more for the angling community as a whole.

The giant Walthamstow complex is one where we have secured special deals for Angling Trust members.

A keen river angler, Will is particularly excited about the new offer from Thames Water to fish their reservoirs and rivers at discounted and free rates… and can’t wait to wet a line on the legendary venues at Farmoor and Walthamstow.

He told me: ‘The new 10% discount from Thames Water offers our members the chance to catch some massive trout and specimen coarse fish at these spectacular reservoirs. Having seen the quality and size of fish swimming in both well maintained and secure venues, I’m already itching to get down there and have a go for one of their huge trout, pike, perch and bream.

‘I can’t wait to have a free session on the Thames at the Farmoor site whenever I want too – knowing that the river there is almost untouched and only a handful of people will fish there apart from Trust members adds to the mystery potential of this wild venue. Who knows what might turn up…’

You can find out more about all the new deals on offer by visiting our website HERE


Bid bid for cash to increase angling participation

OVER the past few weeks we have been working hard to finalise and submit our 70-page bid for Sport England funding for 2013-17. This bid is based around five exciting programmes aimed at increasing participation and frequency of angling, across all three angling disciplines and all ages and abilities.

If Sport England back this bid, we will be funded to try and get more anglers to go fishing at least once a week…  sounds good to me!  We’re presenting the bid to a panel of the Sport England executive on 24th October. The funding decision should be announced in December.


Our Martin Salter takes one for the team with the Tories

BASC-Conservative Party Conference – Martin, Marcus Jones MP, Owen Paterson MP… and some balding middle-aged bloke (me, your blogger Mark Lloyd) on the right.

Martin Salter has been taking one for the team this week, by accompanying me to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.  As he was a Labour MP for many years, this demonstrated his commitment to the cause.

We were able to discuss a wide range of issues with some of the 100 or so people who came to the reception we host at the conference, jointly with the British Association of Shooting and Conservation.

The new secretary of state for the environment, food and rural affairs Owen Paterson was the keynote speaker and Martin and I had a good chat with him about cormorants, hydropower and marine fish stocks.

We were both impressed by his knowledge and commitment on many issues that are important to anglers.  The combination of him and Richard Benyon could be very helpful to us in the months and years to come.

Martin has managed to interview them both for the Autumn edition of our members’ magazine, The Angle, so if you’re not a member of the Trust yet, there’s another reason to join…

Martin Salter (left) gets the first prize at the match from the inspiring Avon Roach Project guys, Trevor Harrop and Budgie Price.

And he won a match for a great cause too!

Martin attended the Avon Roach Project’s annual fundraiser last weekend and, through sheer determination to catch something from the flood waters of the Avon, he managed to win the match by catching the only barbel of the day, weighing 7 lb 11oz.

Most importantly, more than £5,000 was raised to support Trevor and Budgie’s fantastic work to try and restore the river’s once-famous roach populations.  At our Severn forum the week before, I heard that they are thinking of starting a Severn Roach Project.  It would be great if the techniques developed on the Avon spread to other parts of the country to boost numbers of what is a favourite of many coarse anglers.


On the competitive angling scene…

We wish the Angling Trust’s Mens and Ladies Shore Angling Teams the best of luck as they go and compete in the FIPS-M World Shore Championships on the beautiful beaches of Walcheren, Netherlands next week.  I’ll let you know how they get on in a future blog.

The 14th FIPSed World Carp Angling Championships were held at Lac Corbu in Romania between the in late September, but were marred by the use of a venue where the fish had been fed on a single soluble bait for 5 months.  As a result, countries that had been and practised a number of times at the venue were aware of this and managed to get local bait to enable them to compete.  Romania dominated the event, comfortably winning two out of the three sections and they also won the individual gold medal with 763.78kg.  Our boys from Korda Team England finished a very disappointing 18th with a total of 373.44 kg, but the team gelled really well and if it hadn’t been for the bait issue they feel they would have been in with a really good chance of a medal.There’s some more from England sponsors Korda on the event HERE and HERE.

We are hosting a two day open boat species challenge competition in Minehead this weekend, and 32 anglers will be taking part.  Many thanks to Snowbee for their continued sponsorship support this year and also to George Cunningham at Tronixpro and local businesses The Quay Inn, The Promenade Hotel and Dunster Castle for their support and for donating prizes for this event.

Dates and venues for the Angling Trust National Championships have been set for 2013 and these are available on the Angling Trust website – HERE

That’s it for this week.  I’ll have more for you next week, but getting this Sport England bid in has nearly killed me and I need to switch off the computer now and think about getting out on the river this weekend for at least half a day to restore my sanity.  I don’t know how people who don’t go fishing cope with the stresses and strains of life!


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