Koi Hodgson - named by Mail readers

ANGLER’S MAIL recently appointed a new mascot – Koi Hodgson, a giant bright orange cuddly koi carp!

The lifelike giant takes over photographic duties from Fabio Carpillow, as reported in the magazine. And that will mean thousands of anglers will want to get their hands on Koi.

You can follow comments by @KoiHodgson on Twitter … on all kinds of topics, including the current Euro 2012 football.

Here is a special gallery of Fabio Carpillow pictures…

Fabio Carpillow has been the Angler's Mail mascot... and got around to meet stars and fans alike. See the pictures below, in his own words...

I didn't want these lovelies to put me down, but Angler's Mail insisted I went home with them instead of the girls...

Come to Johnny... you don't turn down a chance to get snapped with the legend John Wilson when an Angler's Mail magazine camera is on hand.

I'm no scary man-eater but River Monsters' Jeremy Wade still grappled with me.

Derek "The Don" Ritchie bagged my twin brother too. We were glad he didn't have his ghettoblaster with him - Angler's Mail would have slung him off the stand if he played that techno racket!

What's up Doc? Dr Paul Garner won't catch me in Peg One! My lake has no peg numbers!