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IF THERE’S one thing that we all take for granted when he go fishing, it’s that we’ll come back safely, in one piece.

But one angler this week is in-your-face proof of how easy it can be to come a cropper when fishing.

The latest Angler’s Mail magazine shows one of the most shocking images of an angling injury that we’ve published for a few years. A 2 oz carp lead embedded in the cheek, after pulling for a break.

I dare say a few readers will have nightmares about this. I hope it doesn’t play on the mind of the angler who suffered the injury, although his mate’s comment makes me think it’s unlikely: ‘The first thing he said was “come here and bring your camera, I have a problem”…’

Publishing pictures of injury, blood and gore is a touchy subject. But by breaking this news Angler’s Mail has enabled other people to realize what dangers lurk on the banks.

I’ve spoken to anglers who have seen pals or relatives drown, have been rescued, rescued other people, have seen friends or family die of heart-attacks, lost sight, and get hooked in various parts of the body. All on fishing trips.

OMG (or “oh ****!”) reactions to the lead-in-cheek photo story tells us this kind of thing is luckily still rare; it shocks. But what gets reported will just be a small percentage of what actually happens, as any casualty department could testify.

Images like these are pretty gruesome, although some more have come to light and may appear in next week’s Angler’s Mail. It makes you thank your lucky stars it’s not happened to you.

I’ve been lucky. The closest I’ve ever come to a really bad fishing injury was when pulling for a break using a ‘tip rod and half ounce lead flicked to far back bushes for chub.

The bomb shot back at 100mph and dinked me in the eyebrow. Half an inch lower and I would now have a false eye.

I remember when I was a little boy sorting out my tackle box in the living room. Time flew, I went up the stairs to bed and mum tidied up, not realizing there were big barbed treble hooks on the lures.

Blood on the carpet then a late night wait to hospital to remove two rusty prongs from mum’s thumb… and by morning I was officially banned from fishing for life by the highest law in the land; both parents.

Well, the ban lasted just a few days as it happened. Promises to tidy up, and probably to run away from home, worked.

I was very careful about what I left on the floor, and indeed by the waterside, after that.

What about you? What’s the worst fishing injury or mishap that you’ve had? Drop us a line with details to: anglersmail@ipcmedia.com




Zigs – terrific little end-tackle ideas are emerging in zig rig fishing. Fox, like rivals Nash and a couple of smaller players, are bang on the case. Yes they have to catch anglers’ attention and sell products, but anything that makes anglers look beyond same-old bottom bait tactics is fine by me.

Shows – this weekend sees the free-entry Coventry event (click here for info) and we’re gearing up for The Big One at Farnborough (preview in next week’s mag).

Maggots – as a former maggot cleaning boy, I am biased, but how refreshing to see a new 60 lb carp in our pages this week caught on a bunch of reds.



Crabtree bashers – I was disappointed a few internet trolls took aim with their venom to snipe at the first free-for-all TV programme for years to showcase angling in the right light. The late time slot for Quest’s Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing isn’t perfect, but I am sure earlier repeats will inspire many more people to enjoy fishing for a variety of species, using different and simple techniques, whilst appreciating the environment.

Rows – there’s enough to deal with in life without internal strife, such as that at the Pike Anglers Club. There are some great guys involved. I am sure the greater cause will stay strong.

Depths of winter – the angling trade needed another freezing start to the year like you need a broken down boiler (mine’s just conked out). Businesses and individuals livelihood are on the brink.



We’ve added loads of new videos to AMTV so far in 2013, from all kinds of sources in and out of the angling trade. Some makers have kindly alerted us via an email to anglersmail@ipcmedia.com.

YOU can submit your own too by using the “Submit a video” tab at AMTV here on our website. We have a number of home-made video blogs in the Your Vids category, but we welcome more!

Here a couple of additions this week…

Pimped up Spombs – the makers of these bait-delivery devices have had their friends and followers making up customized Spombs. Totally bonkers, but nice to see some fun back in the serious tackle trade. Click below to watch.





Fox Zig Aligna – the crafty Fox inventors caught the attention exactly a year ago with their PVA bag loaders, and now have an interesting kit to create artificial carp baits for zig rig fishing, off bottom. Shaun McSpadden, former Mail cover star, explains below.






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