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The Bank Holiday weekend saw a special AM fans’ competition to celebrated tackle firm Drennan International also having its own Drennan Facebook page. Their FB move complements the Drennan website.

The winners of sets of Drennan’s new Method Feeders are:

  • Nigel Bateman
  • James Bourke
  • Adam Burns
  • Darren Broomfield
  • Emma Cella
  • Marc Decruze
  • Taylor Dossett
  • Phil Dougan
  • Mark Hauton
  • George Jackson
  • John Kilby
  • David Knighton
  • Darren Littlechild
  • Ryan Penfold
  • Kelvin Prior
  • Jason Rafferty
  • Robert Rao
  • James Rayner
  • Neil Shaw
  • Wez Thomas
  • Sam Thompson
  • Connor Eson’hunter Tierney
  • Jack Watkinson
  • Simon Williams
  • Adam Wright

NOTE TO WINNERS ABOVE: Claim your prize by emailing your address to us this week. Email to:

(To be clear, that’s to:

Please mark your email DRENNAN WINNER.

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