Great prizes were won this year thanks to Vintage and Korum.

Great prizes were won this year thanks to Vintage and Korum.


ANGLER’S MAIL magazine’s annual poetry competition saw its  best-ever standard of entries!

The main winner Richard Knowles and short-verse category winner Liz Shaw  both win a superb new Paul Brett Viator Travel Guitar from JHS/Vintage. Plus they’ve got  a Korum rod and reel combo!

Full details appeared in Angler’s Mail magazine – the best coarse magazine you can buy. Below, for more of you to enjoy now, and for online history, are the winning entries…




By Richard Knowles


From faded photographs in evening gloom, I look beyond,

As autumn’s drenching rains mark summer’s end,

To those first childhood days by churchyard pond

And memories of minnows, matchsticks and bent pins.


Schooled hard by father’s guiding hand and care,

On murky backwaters and concrete-clad canals,

Father and son forged lasting friendship there

By half-drowned barges and grey, abandoned mills.


I dwell on bright new dawns ‘neath Norfolk skies,

Of July days when nets of roach and bream brimmed full,

From meres and broads where duck and rail cried

And Bure’s dark corners, where banded perch roam still,


To youth’s full bloom by clear, South country streams,

Memories of triumphs and silver-scaled monsters slain,

Where mermaid-haired crowfoot swayed and gravel gleamed

On azure days of endless hope, not seen again.


For time and tide ebb fast; young men grow old

Now treasured memories must be packed away

Of Autumn barbel , coral fins and flanks of gold,

And bubbling, black-tailed tench on opening day.


Arthritic fingers grasp proud, splintered cane

Of rust-ringed rod that needs repair no more.

I know my old companion’s fought its last campaign

And I shall soon join father to angle as before.





This new category was choosing no more than SEVEN words to describe fishing. Well done to Liz Shaw of Gotham, Nottingham for her winning entry:

Lines tight – Love at first bite.



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