A PIKE angler aged 57 tragically died after the small boat he was in overturned on the icy River Trent on the morning of Saturday (January 14).


Angler’s Mail can confirm that Police and fire brigade rushed to Cromwell Lock, Nottinghamshire around 10am following reports a boat had overturned and two men were in the river.

Two crews came from Newark, one from Collingham and one from Southwell plus a Specialist Rescue Team (from Tuxford and Highfields).

The two men, aged 48 and 57, and from Yorkshire, were pulled from the very cold water by specialist fire and rescue teams.

A Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: ‘Two men were rescued from the river after their boat overturned.

‘One was pulled to safety from the bank, the other was rescued from the river by firefighters using a rescue boat and was given first aid.

‘Both were taken to hospital by ambulance. The incident was scaled down at 11:55.’

The recovered boat.

The anglers were both taken to Lincoln County Hospital where the 57-year-old man later died.

The 48-year-old man was in a stable condition in hospital (at the time of this report, 6pm Saturday January 14) where he is being treated for hypothermia.

The angling community were quick to send their condolences to the family and friends of the men involved.

Angler’s Mail reader Chris Chadwick was there moments before the incident, and he contacted us to tell us what he saw.

Chris said: ‘I was leaving this morning after an overnight session. I saw the two gents in the weirpool, all looked ok – lifejackets etc.

‘I just wished i had stayed 15 minutes longer, I might have been able to raise the alarm quicker,’ added Chris.

Another angler confirmed the survivor was wearing a lifejacket – but was unsure if the angler who died was wearing a lifejacket when in the water.

Cromwell Lock and Weir on the Trent.

Many posts by concerned, and then saddened anglers were made on the Angler’s Mail Facebook page – where the breaking sad news was relayed during the day.

Angler’s Mail editor Tim Knight said: ‘This is a sad moment for coarse angling, and a reminder to all of the risks involved.

‘On behalf of all Angler’s Mail staff and readers, our thoughts and prayers go out to the dead angler’s family and friends, including the other angler who we also wish a speedy recovery.

‘We do not know the full facts of this tragedy yet. Deaths of anglers when out fishing are rare but do happen in the water, and are often unreported in the media.

‘It is important that both boat and bank anglers appreciate and beware of the dangers when fishing. And right now in winter, with very cold water temperatures, not only drowning but the shock and hypothermia are major risks if you fall in, even with a lifejacket.

‘Our contributor Mark Barrett had a frightful scare a few months ago when he toppled into a reservoir on predator fishing session. He was near the pontoons, knows he was lucky to get out alive, and warned everyone afterwards that lifejackets are a must.’

The January 10 issue of Angler’s Mail magazine, published days before the tragedy, had a special feature on pike fishing from boats. Key equipment – and safety – was carefully explained.

Angler’s Mail contributor Andy Black stressed: ‘No matter what I will always wear some form of flotation device when out on the water.

‘Even if it’s a baking hot day and the water is flat calm, accidents can happen.’