NATIONAL Fishing Month got off to a flyer – and it runs right through from July 22 to August 29 in 2016. Adam Rayner, a roving venues reporter for Angler’s Mail, has been on the bank enjoying some of the events on offer.

Originally a week-long event, National Fishing Month developed into just over a calendar month of activities designed to encourage people to get into the sport.

National Fishing Month has been a massive success so far, and we’ve already enjoyed a busy calendar of events.

Naidre Werner of the Angling Trades Association is the woman who has made all of this happen in many respects and the management so far has been second to none. I gave her a call and a week later I was involved in an event local to me in Essex.


The Angling In Essex taster session event, run by Anna Santoro and Nick Watkins at Northlands Park, with a cluster of PAA coaches all neatly uniformed up (pictured above), was a small and well organised part of the massive Basildon Carnival.

This particular event had over a hundred try out sessions on the one day. The figures at the end of the month are always impressive, with thousands of sessions experienced nationally.

People are absolutely loving it. A hoody covered in bream slime where a beginner grabbed the fish rather than drop it when it kicked. A mum and son having a fish each to their delight – and being a bit competitive with it!



Just filming the day, I enjoyed myself because there was a lot of genuine joy in the air, with people having lifelong passions ignited.

There are literally hundreds of events up and down the country, from Fish For Free, to things called Family Fun Days and Taster Sessions at fisheries and with clubs.

You can find the calendar for the month at the National Fishing Month website and check out my video of my day in Essex below…