How heavy is the fish? That's what Angler's Mail magazine fans on Facebook were guessing.

Angler’s Mail magazine –  the leading fishing publication on Facebook – has just completed its biggest “giveaway” yet.

The guess the weight competition run over the weekend, supported by The Print Biz, sees 50 winners (below) picked from the closest guesses.

Fans were shown a photo of a winter chub on a mug. As as you can see (above) its weight remained a mystery…until now (below)!

And here's the correct answer!

Well done to the few who got it right… but many were miles away!

Quickest correct guess, 4 lb 5 oz, was by Richard Osborne, so take a bow mate!

The prize for all 50 will be a 11oz ceramic mug printed with the winner’s chosen/supplied photo on it.

Winners simply now supply The Print Biz with a photo as digital image and address….. and The Print Biz do the rest.

INSTRUCTIONS TO WINNERS: e-mail your name and address to And be sure to include the picture you would like on the mug at same time plus any text for the other side of the mug. Please mark your e-mail Angler’s Mail Winner.


  1. Michael Haskey
  2. Andy Hay
  3. David Parks
  4. Ricky Smith
  5. Craig Gilbert
  6. Mike Willis
  7. Neil Bornbazine West
  8. Scott Thigher
  9. Jason Phillip Spain
  10. Dale Skayman
  11. William Stuart
  12. Clive Bindley
  13. Jason Higgs
  14. Connor Tierney
  15. Kieran Borer
  16. Richard Evans
  17. Debbie Stevens
  18. Jason Williams
  19. Martyn Uttley
  20. James Atkinson
  21. Tom Barge
  22. Dave Chandler
  23. Kerrie Gorfin
  24. Nathan Polley
  25. David Saunders
  26. Liam Learoyd
  27. Steve Bradshaw
  28. Ash Whales
  29. Stef Allen
  30. Jake Aitken
  31. Richard Osborne
  32. Liam Bowen
  33. James Marco Lawrence
  34. Karen Paterson
  35. Ryan Hancox
  36. Mark Roberts
  37. Gary Lonsdale
  38. Dafydd Thomas
  39. Chris Horler
  40. Ian Allen
  41. Richard Naylor
  42. Simon Williams
  43. Jay Crutchley
  44. Jack ‘Perkins
  45. Allen Davidson
  46. Matt Older
  47. Chris Haswell
  48. Luke Ayling
  49. Jonathan WWFC Lunn
  50. Geoffrey Watson

WINNERS: see the instructions above to claim your prize.

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