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Exclusive news inside this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine:

  • Fishing star Matt Hayes’ smash-hit photo comp #WhyWeFish
  • How poachers are exploiting the crisis
  • When will we be fishing again? The latest!
  • AM fans’ DIY during lockdown
  • How commercials are coping

Great features inside this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine:

  • John Bailey – inside the specimen fish scene
  • Colin Davidson – home comforts for our carp guru
  • Epic Catch – when ‘Lockey’ got lucky with a World record carp
  • Bill Rushmer – step-by-step lockdown guide to renovating rods
  • Dr Ian Welch – measuring fish… the facts and figures
  • Dave Coster – should you use natural baits or pellets?
  • John Ellis – the seven biggest threats to canal fishing
  • Ben Stanford – fishery insight as our guest tests a unique 2-in-1 bait
  • Jack Perks – grayling insights
  • John Middleton – in-depth interview with a giant of the trade
  • Richard Howard’s Gear of Week
  • Your Views – the best letters page in angling. And a crossword puzzle.

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