THE new issue of Angler’s Mail magazine includes an inspiring appearance by Urban Banx star Alan Blair in The Specialists.

Alan shares some of his secrets of success to help you – and others – enjoy urban angling this year. Get streetwise; read it!

This week’s Angler’s Mail is bursting with more must-reads and exclusives, including:

  • Angler attacked by fox
  • Jeremy Wade back on ITV
  • Hempseed crisis
  • Carp Crew includes a master of cunning float tactics
  • Lure Attacks looks closely at jerkbaits
  • On The Bank meets a master of ide
  • Steve Collett gets to grips with big canal fish
  • John Bailey hunts down elusive rudd and crucians
  • Where To Fish and Venue Expert
  • Angling Answers, How To and Secret Lives
  • Match News, Match Squad, Letters and more!

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