THE UK’s most attractive fish species is revealed is revealed inside this week’s Angler’s Mail print magazine – out now!

The new Angler’s Mail issue has a Spring Rigs Special to help you catch more now.

The pick of the week’s top catches are in the magazine… with a shock day ticket 40 lb-plus pike and the year’s biggest tench so far.

There are must-read news exclusives including a petition to scrap the rivers Close Season and why a carp killer is back.

Also in Angler’s Mail print magazine this week: 

  • National Champs disqualifications
  • Sean Ashby  on the Irish festival scene
  • Steve Collett skimmers and surface carp made easy
  • John Bailey shows why it’s wrong to ban bread
  • Dave Coster’s caster secrets for commercial venues
  • Andy Browne on what to do to catch fish on difficult days
  • Dr Ian Welch investigates: do fish socialise?
  • Bait boss’s boilie and paste wrapping tricks
  • Richard Howard’s New Gear picks
  • Colin Davidson’s guide to fishing fixed and variable zig rigs
  • Billy & Jamie’s latest successful carp sessions explained
  • Zig rigging…with a quivertip
  • The pike that’s been a record for 25 years

PLUS more exclusive features – and the nation’s favourite Where To Fish section (by regional experts) .

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