WE hope 2019 is your best angling year ever… and to get you started, the first Angler’s Mail magazine of this new year is out now.

This must-read issue includes the methods to use in 2019, Top 10 carp waters, greatest pike baits…and lots more!

Also inside this must-read Angler’s Mail magazine issue:

  • Big new cormorant petition
  • River Severn revival project
  • World Champs in England?
  • Latest Great Catches
  • Sean Ashby’s guide to commercial silvers
  • John Bailey targets specimen perch
  • Andy Little’s 3 lb roach quest
  • Jake Lund’s winter approach with PVA bags for carp
  • Steve Collett shows you how to get quick fun on lures
  • Archie Braddock’s pike quest
  • Colin Davidson gets to grips with carp  lead clips
  • Dr Ian Welch looks closely at fish teeth
  • Andy Browne’s advice for fishing in floods
  • New Gear selections by Richard Howard
  • Where To Fish – the best guide by genuine experts!

The print issue of Angler’s Mail is in shops priced £2.20.

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