THE biggest tench for four years has been caught – see the big picture and full details in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.

There’s a free rod licence voucher inside the magazine – use it to take someone fishing soon!

Where To Fish This Week – our magazine’s huge guide by a big team of regional experts – has over 450 venue and match reports, revealing top spots and winning pegs galore!

Also inside your Angler’s Mail magazine this week:

  • Steve Collett – you won’t believe what he’s caught ’em on!
  • Ian Welch tells the truth about pike fishing Close Seasons
  • Matt Hayes explores floater fishing with his top tips
  • John Bailey’s week includes a candid look at fishery rules
  • Colin Davidson reveals fishing apps and top carp advice
  • Andy Little tells how he been targeting everything!
  • Match star Lee Kerry talks about ‘white lies’ bank banter
  • Gary Newman nails a reservoir leather
  • Action Replay shows how a top Tenchfishers man catches ’em
  • Rig of the Week- try it for silver fish
  • How To use an Easy Loop tool

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