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Also inside this week’s Angler’s Mail print magazine:

  • Sean Ashby’s best groundbaits
  • New Gear, selected by Richard Howard
  • Steve Collett goes down to the woods to catch Teddy Bear tench
  • John Bailey rediscovers the pulling power of Robin Red
  • Dave Coster’s pole pot tricks
  • Dr Ian Welch on what type of keepnet is best to retain fish safely
  • Andy Browne trots a river with a waggler for silver fish
  • Learn how to catch your first river carp
  • Colin Davidson on a prolific West Country carp water
  • Billy & Jamie try to retain the Boilie Cup title
  • Relive Alan Scotthorne’s historic moment
  • River drugs hell
  • Barbel make a comeback
  • Close Season clampdown
  • Your Great Catches
  • England World Champs success

+ the best Where To Fish guide & MUCH more too!

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