ANGLER’S MAIL print magazine – the lowest priced and most interesting fishing mag on the market – is out now.

As you can tell from the front cover, this issue looks closely at the ever-changing situations on rivers during this hot 2018 summer.

The sustained sky-high temperatures of July look like they’re now here for August… and it’s  of huge concern for all river fans.

There’s also essential rivers news on the Close Season vote. Angler’s Mail print magazine explains what the outcome of this major poll means, plus it shares reactions.

If you’re looking for new ideas that really work on stillwaters, the best priced fishing magazine’s Catch More series reveals… the cloudy conker!

And Bill Rushmer’s Top 10 series looks at his all-time best baits.

Lots more essential content inside this week’s Angler’s Mail print magazine:

  • Angler’s death goes to top court
  • Steve Collett fishes with the Fish’O’Mania champ
  • John Bailey reveals his unsung heroes
  • Darren Cox on how to practice
  • 2018 National Fishing Month
  • Dave Coster on why red is best
  • Dr Ian Welch looks at fish and birdlife
  • Andy Browne’s tips for fishing in snags
  • Colin Davidson’s carpy feeding ideas
  • Jamie Londors’ summer boilie big ‘uns
  • New Gear, selected by Richard Howard
  • Readers’ latest impressive catches
  • England’s Euro Champs
  • Latest big carp catches

This week’s issue of Angler’s Mail print magazine, still costs only £1.99 in good supermarkets and newsagents in the UK.


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