ANGLER’S MAIL begins another new series this week – it’s with the unique specialist angling veteran, Archie Braddock.

Join Archie inside the issue to find out his views on baits and tactics – beginning with some fantastic insight into his experiences with roach.

Big fish legend Andy Little, now back in the magazine each week, turns the spotlight on his perch tactics.

Andy also takes you deep into some pioneering carp rig development.

Carp tactics for autumn are detailed for you by our columnists Colin Davidson and Andy Browne.

There is loads more terrific content that you cannot read online that you can enjoy in Angler’s Mail magazine – now!

Also inside your copy of AM magazine this week:

  • Massive chub landed
  • Have your say on ‘fewer anglers’
  • Who will fish for England at the Worlds
  • Steve Collett targets perch on jigs
  • John Bailey shares the wonder of worms
  • Dave Coster helps you master stick float fishing
  • Dr Ian Welch explains fish feeding for winter
  • England carp captain Jamie Londors on their World Champs
  • Andy Black explains his ways to catch pike on a fly
  • New Gear selections with Richard Howard
  • Catch More canal silver fish – with Lewis Breeze
  • AM Readers’ Great Catches
  • Sean Ashby’s exclusive match column

PLUS lots more including the nation’s favourite Where To Fish section, by our regional experts who really know their stuff.

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