THIS week’s  Angler’s Mail print magazine is out today and an essential read for any coarse or carp angler.

It includes a super new ‘School of Angling’ series with ace carp and coarse fishing coach Michael Salisbury. He starts with how to improve your PBs, and he’s on the cover (pictured).

Other highlights include:

Rivers of the season revealed

Early springtime tips

Highly effective carp tactic to try now

Best swimfeeders picked

Biggest Where To Fish section (by top regional experts)

Your views & biggest catches

Close look at closed-face reels

Secret lives of eels

PLUS … must-read, original columnists including Steve Collett, John Bailey, Dr Ian Welch, Darren Cox, Billy Flowers, Colin Davidson, Dave Coster, Andy Browne & Matt Sparkes.

Exclusives. In print. Out now.

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