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A new series starts in this issue – BILL RUSHMER’S BRILLIANT BAITS. This  series gives exclusive insight into highly effective baits that you can make, based upon Bill’s many years of angling and science experience.

News stories you must read this week:

  • Stop the death rigs!
  • Night fishing calamity
  • Star carper Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott battles back
  • Record charity weekend
  • Your Great Catches
  • Match News – including Evesham Festival, UK Championships and Ladies World Champs

Features & advice you must read this week:

  • Steve Collett tackles a park lake that others had written off
  • John Bailey reveals the truth about river roach
  • Andy Browne’s top 10 tackle gizmos
  • Dave Coster’s  traditional baits insight
  • Dr Ian Welch’s Secret Lives reveals gender bending fish
  • Andy ‘Bagger’ Bennett fishes ‘shalla’ in our Catch More series
  • Colin Davidson explains how to Spomb carp bait with security
  • Jamie Londors explains how he tackled  the Carp Cup Final
  • New Gear, Your Letters, The Informant

PLUS the very best Where To Fish section – Angler’s Mail’s mega hotspots guide is exclusively compiled by experts who work hard to help YOU.

This new AM print magazine is in good newsagents and supermarkets, priced just £1.99.
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