THE huge bass pictured on the Angler’s Mail magazine cover is way over the current British shore-caught record. Anglers of all disciplines are impressed!

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A new Angler’s Mail mini series starts this week with canal fishing guru John Ellis.

And Mark Erdwin, the mag’s latest guest expert, shares advice for tackling neglected rivers.

No publication does Where To Fish even half as well as Angler’s Mail magazine. This week there’s a special look at  top river spots for a final session, plus our experts’ lake and canal recommendations.

More exclusive, interesting content inside this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine:

  • Huge Avon barbel
  • UK alligator gar probed
  • John Wilson rod licence – full story
  • Match star dodges storm death
  • Steve Collett enjoys a late river session… in his own unique style
  • John Bailey looks at why fish are bigger
  • Dave Coster’s commercial tactics that score on stillwaters
  • England carp captain Jamie Londors goes from zero to hero
  • Colin Davidson shares his insight from a round of  fishing shows
  • Mike Salisbury enjoys Big Lin success
  • Neville Fickling on carpe diem for  predators
  • Epic Catch! The huge French carp that changed UK anglers’ mindsets
  • Darren Cox looks behind the scenes at matches and fishing shows
  • Dr Ian Welch has a special look at bream
  • Top Tips to boost your catches
  • Richard Howard’s Gear of Week

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