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  • High street chain launches bait range
  • AM columnist saves woman
  • Outrage over fine 18,000 fish kill
  • Your Views on tackle shops
  • Steve Collett gets routed at Rutland
  • John Bailey’s fascinating barbel summer story
  • Mike Salisbury explores different approaches
  • Pemb Wrighting explains a top bream tactic
  • Bill Rushmer on why paste is the tonic
  • Andy Browne guides you through the pellet cone
  • Dr Ian Welch tunes into alarm calls by fish
  • Darren Starkey enjoys his dream river day
  • Carp Billy Flowers shares 30s fun at a southern day ticket lake
  • Colin Davidson offers brilliant pop-up advice
  • £60K Maver Match This Final – full coverage
  • Jamie Hughes – special Q&A with matchman of the moment
  • Richard Howard’s Gear of Week
  • Your Great Catches

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