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Also inside this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine:

  • Steve Collett – share in his love of tench
  • John Bailey has a way to repay the Angling Trust for getting us back out and fishing
  • Dave Tipping on  the loss of our traditional tench pools
  • Jack Perks dives into majestic minnows
  • Dean Jones, fishery boss and bait buff ,is our special guest
  • Dr Ian Welch looks at the lateral line
  • Dave Coster’s guide fishing weights
  • Colin Davidson has a  bread bait that will catch carp now
  • Mike Salisbury shares his lockdown diary
  • Sean Ashby on why he’s not going pleasure fishing
  • Where To Fish – the best waters for parking at your peg, and our regional experts’ latest on our clubs
  • Richard Howard’s Gear of Week
  • Your Views – the best letters page in angling. And a crossword puzzle.

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