THE biggest English pike has been found dead, and this epic fish graces the front cover of this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.

Full story on that awesome pike is inside the issue which is an absolute must-read for any keen angler.

You’ll also find out how to get fitter through your fishing trips, read all about a row over fishing being allowed (yes, allowed)… and discover exactly how fish feed.

This week’s issue of Angler’s Mail print magazine, still costs only £1.99 in good supermarkets and newsagents in the UK. It’s the lowest price but the most interesting content!

Other highlights inside this week’s Angler’s Mail print magazine:

  • Cheats tackled by organisers
  • Wipe-outs and rescues
  • Jumbo sturgeon in UK river match
  • Mail readers’ impressive catches
  • Steve Collett meets an incredible angling pilot
  • Colin Davidson’s revealing Rod Hutchinson tribute
  • Bill Rushmer’s awesome Top 10 Catches
  • John Bailey’s giant chub surprise
  • Dave Coster’s pukka pellet waggler advice
  • Andy Browne’s ways with meat
  • Catch More gets you fishing with overdepth zigs
  • New Gear, selected by Richard Howard

PLUS lots more including Where To Fish – compiled by genuine regional experts

Don’t miss this issue of Angler’s Mail print magazine.


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