THE angler who broke the British carp record with a 68 lb 1 oz giant tells his angling life story – and explains his main tactics – inside this week’s essential Angler’s Mail magazine.

This issue explains a major shake-up to rod licences. It could affect you and anglers you know….so be sure to read our magazine’s story.

If you want to catch perch like the monster on the cover, Angler’s Mail magazine’s new Lure Attacks can help. And we reveal the stir created by a 55 lb pike. Yes… THAT BIG… the biggest in the world for ages!

Also inside this week’s big value Angler’s Mail mag you’ll find our new series, including:

  • The Specialists – winter river insight with Martin James MBE
  • On The Bank – get your tip going round with match ace Wayne Bartholomew
  • Carp Crew – Dean Fletcher, the record breaker, plus top carp analyst Colin Davidson, and World Champion duo Bill Flowers and Jamie Londors. What a combination!

There’s a 5-page special with record breaker Dean Fletcher inside this week’s AM magazine. Plus a news exclusive update on this amazing catch!

Plus your favourite Angler’s Mail exclusive regulars including…

  • Latest great catches – we make real anglers stars!
  • Steve Collett finds a river winter hotspot
  • Venue Expert at a £5-a-day pike haven
  • Where To Fish… by respected regional experts
  • New Gear with tackle guru Richard Howard
  • All The Answers, How to and Bait Box
  • John Bailey tells the story behind a monster 3 lb 10 oz roach
  • Match News and Match Squad – great insight!
  • Letters, The Informant, Memory Lane… AND MORE!

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