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It’s been the best-ever week for huge UK carp… and you can see the impressive 60 lb-plus fish inside Angler’s Mail magazine.

Want to track down more tench this spring? John Bailey reveals his new approach to help you locate them.

Also inside Angler’s Mail print magazine this week:

  • Angling Dr’s ‘murder-suicide’
  • The cost of rod licence websites
  • Zander cull reaction
  • Steve Collett has an hour to catch in the midday sun
  • Darren Cox explains why it’s time for meat
  • Awesome veteran Archie Braddock’s quest for bream
  • Quick-fire carp tactics for your short sessions
  • Dave Coster explains all popular waggler links
  • How air pressure affects the fish
  • Perfect tackle for small fish species
  • Carp ace Martin Locke’s historic moments
  • New Gear selections with Richard Howard
  • Huge day ticket carp for our Billy & Jamie
  • Colin Davidson explains key rig checks
  • Master the margins for more success

The best Where To Fish guide for the week ahead, selected by our regional experts.

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