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  • Eight crucians over the record!
  • 100,000 barbel into Great Ouse
  • Hot weather fish-care warning
  • Fisheries revealed as suffering KHV
  • Latest great catches
  • Special tribute to Rod Hutchinson from Andy Little
  • Steve Collett reveals a secret tench hotspot in a housing estate
  • Dave Coster show you the contents of his magic rig box
  • Dr Ian Welch looks at plastic pollution
  • Andy Browne’s carpy platform stands
  • School of Angling helps you freeline to a big haul
  • Jamie Londors’ zig rigs in the sun
  • Colin Davidson explains key carp lead shapes
  • Catch More shares canal tactics… small lures for big fish!
  • Sean Ashby’s Euro plan and England’s Feeder World Bronze
  • Richard Howard’s New Gear selections

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