ANGLER’S MAIL print magazine this week reveals the BEST SPRING LAKES.

AM’s Where To Fish experts have selected some of their favourite day ticket stillwaters, perfect for your spring fishing sessions.

If you’ve ever fancied catching a catfish, or a bigger one, be sure to read our mag’s School of Angling with top coach Michael Salisbury. Catfish are the focus this week.

We welcome England ace Sean Ashby to the Angler’s Mail Match Squad – read the World Champion’s exclusive insight!

AM’s Carp Crew guest Jake Lund explains how to best to fish zig rigs this spring. He’s got some special tweaks on the brilliant tactic.

Also inside Angler’s Mail print magazine this week:

  • Call to make an alien species ‘native’
  • Huge roach… from a river!
  • Revival after £21m pollution
  • Steve Collett seeks gudgeon as big as your arm!
  • Bait guru Archie Braddock’s tips to catch big perch
  • Dave Coster shares his key pole fishing tips
  • Why do some waters ban bread?
  • Andy Browne on predator protection and super seatboxes
  • Colin Davidson on the best catch-anywhere baits
  • John Bailey on catching tricky bubbling tench, carp and bream
  • New Gear selections with Richard Howard
  • Where To Fish This Week – the best hotspots guide

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