THE truth is finally revealed in Angler’s Mail magazine to the riddle of do fish really have a bait preference?

Dr Ian Welch delves deeply into the topic, and his findings make fascinating reading.

The Mail’s top tactician Dave Coster shows you the very best ways to hook maggots and casters.

Ray Walton explains the amazing recovery of barbel… it’s amazing evidence!

Find out all about the mission being undertaken by the UK’s fittest veteran angler.

Also inside this week’s must-read Angler’s Mail print magazine:

  • Hugely impressive river pike and perch haul
  • 8 species over 100 lb for intrepid Englishman
  • Fish’O’Mania and Riverfest 2018 full details and reactions
  • Darren Cox explains the best Method feeders
  • John Bailey and chums explain their piking on a special lake
  • Steve Collett’s cold weather flavour trials.
  • Andy Browne’s rising river approach
  • Pike ace Nev Fickling on braid
  • Richard Howard’s New Gear
  • Catch More targets zander
  • Billy Flowers’ icy carp result
  • Colin Davidson’s rig for pop-ups with maggots.

PLUS Letters, The Informant, big fish galleries and lots more!

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