ANGLER’S MAIL magazine is out now with a stack of exclusives… including John Bailey’s 2018 Tench Review.

Most anglers have totally ceased fishing for tench now as waters cool right down.

Tench lover John takes a timely look back at events, with some fascinating conclusions.

A new-look England team were humbled – at home – in the 2018 World Lure Championships…

In a frank column, typical of his unique style, England manager Steve Collett reflects on what really happened. It’s a must-read, and only in AM mag.

Also in this brilliant issue of Angler’s Mail magazine:

  • New Thames record carp
  • Angling statistics revealed
  • White Acres’ mega money winner
  • Readers’ Great Catches
  • Win a year’s supply of VMC hooks – free entry!
  • Why it’s time to scrap rod licences
  • Andy Little explains accessible ways to target river pike on a fly
  • Neville Fickling on wobbled deadbaits – the forgotten pike method
  • Dave Coster on new black hooks
  • Dr Ian Welch explains pot-bellied carp
  • Andy Browne’s top tactics for stillwater roach
  • Catch More – knockout bread punch approach for chub
  • Archie Braddock’s memories of magic roach fishing
  • Colin Davidson explains the shocker rig for carp
  • Overnight heavyweights for carp columnist Billy Flowers
  • Richard Howard’s New Gear selections
  • The best Where To Fish section… by genuine regional experts


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