Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by this Angler's Mail BEST BUY... Shakespeare Cypry Rods. Check out his lowdown here…

CARP fishing kit doesn’t have to be expensive. Shakespeare have launched ten new rods in their 2017 Cypry carp rods range and they start at just over 30 quid!

Available in a two-piece format you’ll find 10 ft 3 lb, 12 ft 2.5 lb, 2.75 lb and 3 lb test curves plus a more hefty 13 ft 3.5 lb test design for bigger payloads and longer-range work.

There are also 12 ft 3 lb and 13 ft 3.5 lb three-piece rods if you prefer something more compact. Or you could go the whole hog for ‘compactability’ and opt for one of the 11 ft or 12 ft 3 lb telescopic rods or a 13 ft 3.5 lb Cypry Tele that compacts down to around 1.05-1.09 m closed.

Coming with lined guides, abbreviated handles, screw reel seats and a medium to fast action, they’ll certainly get you off the mark, and handle some decent sized fish whether you’re on a small commercial, club lake or somewhere larger.

They’ll also stand in as a holiday rod if you’re on a budget and want to stow a couple of rods away in the motor. Even for a bit of light sea fishing too.

Price: £32.99-£44.99.