The Mainline Power+ Particles come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard - and he was impressed! He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

MAINLINE Power+ Particles are a great idea for their bait fans – and there are plenty of them out there!

This range of ready-prepared particles have been taken to the next level by enhancing them with three of the popular Mainline feed inducing stimulants – Multi-Stim, Cell and Essential Cell.

So, take a particle such as hemp – there’s Power+ Particle Hemp Multi-Stim, Hemp – Cell, and Hemp – Essential Cell to choose from.

On top of that you can boost the particles further with one of their Particle and Pellet Syrups. Or add some Halibut, Pineapple or Condensed Coconut Milk syrup.

Particle+ is PVA friendly, so great for bags or sticks.

To go with the hemp, there’s also The Pulse, enhanced with Multi-Stim, Cell or Essential Cell. It features a great blend of boosted particles, including wheat, buckwheat, red and yellow maize, maples and hemp – a perfect choice for laying down a carpet of feed, or adding to a spod mix, or for PVA bag or stick work.

There’s also The Spomb – Multi-Stim, Cell and Essential Cell, a carefully thought-out micro particle mix designed to stream attraction through the water column and draw fish to your hook bait. It’s enhanced with one of Mainline’s top liquid stimulants, and features buckwheat, wheat, hemp, red and white dari seeds and millet.

And Tigers – Multi-Stim is for loosefeeding or hook baits. Like the others they’re ready to go and full of natural attraction. There are going to be a lot of anglers tapping into this range.

Price: £11.99 for 3 litres.