Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Korum Carp Rods. Check out his lowdown here…


KORUM can expect to sell a shed load of their Carp Rods range, which now runs from a 10 ft 2.5 lb test up to a hefty 13 ft 3.5 lb test tool. They all retail for under £50, starting at under £35.

Boasting 12 ft 2.5 lb, 2.75 lb and 3 lb rods in between, they’ve pretty well covered all the main carp methods.

Theere’s a rod there that suits whether you are on somewhere intimate and flicking rigs tight to island margins, to thumping a controller out for some surface work or lead and bag fishing with heavier payloads.

What you will notice with these carp rods, even the heavier ones is the enjoyable parabolic playing action report Korum, all thanks to what they call K-Flex Carbon Technology.

Not only do they have the power and the action, for the price, they’re very hard to beat.

They come with a matt black understated finish; a rugged nylon reel seat and super light guides to compliment the playing action. They also have Japanese abbreviated shrink tube handles.

If you want to try ‘going short’ without breaking the bank, may be for some boat fishing or jungle warfare, or you need a back-up set of holiday rods for bigger fish or you’re making that transformation across to fishing a matching multiple set-up the Korum Carp range might just fit the bill.

Price: £34.99-£49.99.