Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by this Angler's Mail HOT BUY - Korum Carp Float Rods. Check out his lowdown here…


SOFTLY, softly tactics in the edge can be a great method for fooling even tricky carp, catching them off guard on the float.

Korum have released a pair of rods specifically for catching quality carp on this method.

There’s a 12 ft 1.5 lb test rod and a 13 ft 1.75 lb design offering a bit more reach and a bit more power.

The Korum team have put a ‘broad’ line rating on them from 6 lb to 15 lb, to couple with their parabolic actions for close-quarters combat without any surprises.

The blanks are also a matt black to keep any ‘flash’ down.

Super-light guides, a full cork handle and a nylon reel seat complete the feature package.

They a good price, too. I can see these being huge sellers.

Price: £42.99-£44.99.