Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Korda Black & Whites bobbins. Check out his lowdown here…


I LIKE the look of these new retro versus cutting edge bobbins out from Korda.

Available with a choice of just black or white bodies, they come with a clear ‘isotope accommodating’ window where you want it, in the front.

There are four body sizes, each boasting two add-on weights ranging from 5 and 8 g with the S size body up to 20 and 30 g with the XL size.

They are also supplied with two different length chains – the standard 6 in. and a longer 9 in. version for you to choose between.

They all come with a ‘headphone lookalike’ adjustable line clip, designed to slide rather than grip the line.

So when you get a take they ‘dance’ on the line as the spools spins – just like the old monkey climbers.

Korda Black and Whites other features

And thanks to a mechanism that runs through the bobbin body, it’s easy to tighten up, or slacken off the grip of the clip.

They also come with an easy-to-use push and twist, magnetic, bayonet, hockey stick – just like a bayonet light bulb, for attaching and detaching the bobbin system. The latter being fully compatible with the existing ‘Stow’ indicator range.

There’s also a small tool for removing and inserting an isotope. The Quick Release Twist-Lock, Hockey Stick enables you to add other manufacturers chains into the system too.

This indicator range covers a lot of carping situations at home and abroad. They have a nice slick feel to them and igadget fans especially are going to love them!

Price: £23.99-£26.99 a set.